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Sizing Up The Jets

The Jets, like the Predators, had a strong season but a fairly underachieving playoffs run. They entered the 2018-2019 season as the...

Sizing Up The Blues

Well, they finally did it folks. They won it all after 52 years of destitution. Good for them, truly. But if you weren't already tired of...

Sizing Up The Wild

You have to feel bad for the Wild, man. They're the arguably the NHL's biggest paradox; they finished the 2018-2019 season at last place...

Sizing Up The Stars

Listen, that bad taste in your mouth you still have from Dallas ending the Predators' short 2019 playoffs campaign is natural, and it's...

Sizing Up The Avalanche

Right off the bat, the Avalanche are going to be no joke this year. They beefed up their roster significantly this offseason and are...

Sizing Up The Blackhawks

The Blackhawks just barely broke .500 last season, but made only minor moves in the offseason in response. Their defense weakened, while the


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